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2014 Speakers

Lieutenant General William Phillips
Lieutenant General William Phillips
Military Deputy/Director, Army Acquisition Corps, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics & Technology)
US Department of Defence
Peruvian Air Force
Lieutenant General Dante Arévalo Abate
Chief of Air Force General Staff
Peruvian Air Force
French Army
Lieutenant General Gourlez de la Motte
Commander, French Army Aviation
French Army
Polish Air Force
Major General Slawomir Kaluzinski
Deputy Commander
Polish Air Force
Rear Admiral Russ Harding
Rear Admiral Russ Harding
Rear Admiral Fleet Air Arm and Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Aviation & Carriers)
Royal Navy
Air Commodore Maxwell Nagai
Air Commodore Maxwell Nagai
Base Commander Talkoradi
Ghanaian Air Force
Brigadier General Albert Safar
Brigadier General Albert Safar
Chief of Staff
Hungarian Air Force
Brigadier Ahmed Habib Al-Mismari
Brigadier Ahmed Habib Al-Mismari
Chief of Air Staff
Libyan Air Force
Brigadier Neil Sexton
Brigadier Neil Sexton
Deputy Commander, Joint Helicopter Command
Brigadier General Dato’ Mohd Dalib bin Basir
Brigadier General Dato’ Mohd Dalib bin Basir
Team Leader for Future Army Systems
Malaysian Army


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The premier forum for the global military helicopter community

International Military Helicopter is the community’s annual general meeting place, bringing together Commanders of Helicopter Operations, Heads of Air Procurement, Chiefs of Plans and Policy, Chiefs of Staff and Industry Executives from across the globe to discuss their challenges shaping helicopters for now and the future.

This rare platform is an ideal opportunity to share lessons learned and best practice in current helicopter requirements, capabilities and programmes, engaging in international collaboration on a very real level with military leaders and industry counterparts.

What's New For 2014?

Adapting year on year in order to deliver the most business critical event of the year for it's attendees, 2014 is no different and we are very excited for what we have in store….

  1. New Conference Theme: For the 1st time International Military Helicopter will have an overarching theme of ‘Helicopters in an Emerging Market’ making it the most international conference to date. The conference will have insight from 6 out of the 7 continents on the globe focusing on Middle East, Latin America and Asia.

  2. New Industry Panel Discussion: Integral to any successful rotary capability is a process of collaboration and development with major industry providers. This panel discussion is dedicated to the strategic thinking shaping the future of the defence industry from the leading helicopter manufactures in the sector.

  3. New Focus Day: We are pleased to announce the inaugural Rotary Strike Focus Day specifically tailor made to provide delegates with an insight into current attack helicopter operations, procurement programmes and technological developments. The focus day gets to the very soul of the issues that affect you on a daily basis. With presentations delivered by Emerged and Emerging Nations, at no other time will you obtain such a deep insight from the decision makers that really matter

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What others are saying

"Military Helicopter has an excellent choice of speakers and outstanding presentations"- Colonel Robert Mitchell, Director, Medical Evacuation Proponent Directorate, US Army
"Military Helicopter was an excellent opportunity to network and understand what other countries are doing"– Matthew Dougherty, Lockheed Martin
"A very high level of knowledge is available at International Military Helicopter"- Lieutenant Commander Owe Borjes, Head of Materiel Development, Swedish Air Force
"There's a lot of key personnel here… it's good that you can get to talk to people and the right people are here to talk to, so if you're going to make an impression, this is a good place to do it." Mike Scimone, Donaldson
"The sponsorship of the International Military Helicopter conference for us is quite important just because we have very few opportunities to meet a lot of the military helicopter operators, and they're here in force." Robin Taylor Hunt, Safran Turbomeca
"The benefit for me in attending the event is understanding where other nations are in their capability development and understanding, culturally, how they're using platforms." Major Mike Neville, UK MoD
"Excellent range of topic and speakers. I like that it's not only representatives from the industry but a lot of the operator world. It's important to have representation from different size countries and military styles." Major Youri Audy, 1 Canadian Air Division HQ
"A very good mix!" Major Michel Gelders, Belgian Air Force
"This conference is vital to gain visibility with important customers and potential customers in the military helicopter market." Heinz Scholl, RUAG Aviation
"Very high level of knowledge available." Lieutenant Commander Owe Borjes, Head of Materiel Development, Swedish Air Force
"Nice job from all. Interesting subjects!" Major Philippe Venet, O&TPlans/BPlans at 1Wing, Belgian Air Force
"Good balance – not too long, but enough for questions!" Imre Baldy, JAPCC
"I'm very pleased to see the diversity of military attendees at this event, and also the different elements from both the air forces and land forces, so it's a great opportunity for us to be in a diverse militarycustomer base." Dave Butler, General Dynamics
"It gets your name in front of the people that make decisions, and it allows you to network and make the contacts you need to get into organisations." Ross Livington, WL Gore & Associates
"Particularly interesting this year." Jerome Galle, Cassidian

"I think it's important for networking, simply across the military-civilian divide, the customer getting to know the supplier, the sharing of ideas – and there's nothing like meeting people face-to-face."Colonel Neale Moss, UK MoD

"Great Spectrum." Iain Robert, AgustaWestland
"This allows us to get our name out and make sure that the military customers out there have the full understanding of who everyone is. Being able to speak directly to the decisionmakers and influencers in this industry is what's key." Larry Alexandre, Heli-One