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Next Generation Pilot, Next Generation Fleet

Perhaps above all other systems, the helicopter is the most propitious platform for the needs of the modern military, and an increasingly protean geopolitical environment. Its adaptability, its potential for multi-role and multi-mission deployment, and its ability to penetrate the most austere and hostile environments is testament to its enduring value to armies, air forces, navies and special forces.

But such a diverse set of operations and roles presents the helicopter commander with a complex set of challenges that span technical, tactical and strategic dimensions. Perhaps most importantly, the modern commander faces an highly lethal and fluid adversary in both hybrid and conventional combat environments. For many who attend the IMH conference, the question is no longer ‘what capabilities should the contemporary helicopter have?’, but, rather ‘how should the future helicopter respond to future threats, how will the future helicopter be employed, and how will emerging technologies enhance the capabilities of the future operator’? Through the concepts of Next Generation Pilot and Next Generation Fleet, the 2017 conference will leverage the expertise and experience of its speakers, sponsors and visiting delegates to address these critical questions.

But to do so, we must continue to share our operational experiences to understand the role of the helicopter right now. With this objective in mind, we are delighted to announce the 16th annual International Military Helicopter conference: the bridge between present and future strategic thinking for the global helicopters community. 









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